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Molokai Channel where he swam for 16 hours 3 minutes over 49.3 km in turbulent conditions between Molokai Island and Oahu Island]] Makapu'u Beach in the foreground off the eastern coast of Oahu. Photo by Colin Capelle]] Antonio Argüelles Díaz-González on 22 March 2016 after a 23 hour 18 minute crossing of the Molokai Channel and paddler Jeff Kozlovich on Sandy Beach, Oahu, Hawaii]] Molokai Channel on Sandy Beach on Oahu in 18 hours 11 minutes in October 2016]] Sandy Beach on Oahu after his 18 hour 11 minute crossing of the Molokai Channel in October 2016]] Toni Enderli's crossing of the Molokai Channel from Molokai Island to Oahu on 1-2 September 2017 in 20 hours 35 minutes, escorted by Ivan Shigaki]] O‘ahu is an island in the State of Hawaii. It is the most populous and capital of the state. It is 71 km long by 48 km wide with more than 180 km of coastline and at least 100 white-sand beaches. It is site of many triathlons, lifeguard competitions and open water swims including the North Shore Challenge and the Waikiki Roughwater Swim as well as the traditional finish of the Molokai Channel crossings.

O‘ahu has more than 800,000 residents, and each day O‘ahu hosts an average of nearly 70,000 tourists. Hotel rooms and vacation accommodations number more than 36,000 rooms.

Channel Swimming[edit]

O'ahu is either the starting or finishing point of channel swims across the Ka'iwi Channel across the 26-mile (41.8 km) Kaiwi Channel and the starting point of channel swims in the 72-mile (115.8 km) Kaieiewaho Channel between Oahu and Kauai.


The OCC Invitational Swim on Kaimana Beach on Oahu

Big Wave Video of Team Grom by Issac Sokol

Video of Molokai Channel Crossing[edit]

North Shore Lifeguards[edit]

Tiger Shark Tracking in Hawaii[edit]

Hawaiʻi Tiger Shark Tracking provided by PacIOOS or the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System.

Oahu Circumnavigation Swim[edit]

Dr. Steven Minaglia and Marek Lehocky finished the Oahu Circumnavigation Swim on 6 November 2022 after swimming 24 stage swims around Oahu totaling 206.4 km.

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