Amanda Birch

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Amanda Birch is a 39-year-old American open water swimmer. She completed and won the 7-mile marathon swim in the The Clock Is Ticking (TCT7), a multi-race charity swim in Georgia in support of the James David Eunice Charity Fund.

James Eunice[edit]

James Eunice was born 16 June 1993 in Athens, Georgia to John and Tammy Eunice. His life is the inspiration behind the The Clock Is Ticking Seven-Mile Swim.

The Clock Is Ticking[edit]

The Clock Is Ticking mission is to provide a sporting event that inspires people to live wholesome lives, to reach their potential, and keep James’s legacy alive through supporting the James Eunice Charity Foundation. The vision is to provide a nationally recognized sporting event that attracts out-of-state swimmers and local families to partake in endurance competitions, food, hospitality, and fun. The goal goes far beyond athletics. The event is a 2-day event with 1-mile, 2.4-mile, and 7-mile races that brings people together by sharing great food, providing fun activities, and allowing volunteer opportunities during a professionally coordinated swim event, all in a climate where God is present.

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