Alyssa Mundy

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Lake Ontario, Canada]] Alyssa Mundy is a Canadian swimmer who joined Abby-gail Jones, Ayla Jukosky, Charlie French, Jayson Pigeon, Michaela Arsenault, Ming Scott, and Trinity Arsenault in an 8-person relay that swam a cumulative total of 90.154 km in Lake Ontario over 24 hours 2 minutes in August 2015. She also finished 3rd overall in the 2015 Global Swim Series.

Cumulative Time and Distance Swum[edit]

  • Abby-gail Jones swam a total of 11.2 km over 3 hours 24 minutes
  • Alyssa Mundy swam a total of 4.1 km over 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Ayla Jukosky swam a total of 10.0 km over 2 hours 51 minutes
  • Charlie French swam a total of 11.4 km over 2 hours 55 minutes
  • Jayson Pigeon swam a total of 12.2 km over 2 hours 54 minutes
  • Michaela Arsenault swam a total of 10.6 km over 3 hours 0 minutes
  • Ming Scott swam a total of 16.7 km over 3 hours 38 minutes
  • Trinity Arsenault swam a total of 12.8 km over 3 hours 15 minutes.

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