Alligator snapping turtle

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noun - The alligator snapping turtleis one of the heaviest freshwater turtles in the world. Although it was once believed to be only one species, a recent study suggests that it is actually three separate species; Macrochelys temminckii, Macrochelys suwanniensis, and Macrochelys apalachicolae. The alligator snapping turtle is given its name because of its immensely powerful jaws and long, spring-like neck, as well as distinct ridges on its shell that are similar to the rough, ridged skin of an alligator.

The alligator snapping turtle is found primarily in southeastern United States waters. They are found from the Florida Panhandle west to East Texas, north to southeastern Kansas, Missouri, southeastern Iowa, western Illinois, southern Indiana, western Kentucky, and western Tennessee. They are found on the Missouri River at least as far north as the Gavins Point Dam, the southernmost dam on the Missouri River at Yankton, South Dakota, and are featured in the Gavins Point Dam Aquarium.


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