Alice Hector

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Alice Hector is the Marketing Manager of F3 Events. F3 Events organises the River Thames Open Water Swim Series and manages and markets the open water swimming and triathlon activities at Heron Lake and Bray Lake in England.

F3 Events History[edit]

F3 Events was set up in 2006 to organise, operate and provide sporting events along the Thames Valley to aspiring athletes from complete beginners to elites. The team at F3 Events have nearly all raced at a high level in triathlon and cycling and understand the necessary requirements to implement a successful event. Its mission is to provide recognisable and professionally managed events from grass roots upwards at an affordable level which is accessible to all.

2011 River Thames Open Water Swim Series[edit]

20 May 2011 – Royal Windsor Swim
14 July 2012 – Marlow River Swim
18 August – Henley On Thames River Swim
8 September 2012 – BIG SOUTH Eton Swim

2013 Thames Open Water Swim Series[edit]

9 June 2013 - Royal Windsor River Swim
14 July 201 - Marlow River Swim
18 August 2013 - Henley River Swim
7 September 2013 - MaxiFuel Big South Swim Challenge

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