Alexia Nalewaik

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As a child, she swam before she walked, and for the next 20 years was a competitive swimmer in sprint freestyle, butterfly & backstroke. Alexia Nalewaik started competing in open water swims in 1990, and is currently focusing on unique long-distance and cold water opportunities.

Solo Experience - Longer Swims[edit]

Catalina Channel solo (22 miles)

Slam the Dam (8 km)

Semana Nautica Goleta to Santa Barbara (6 miles)

Seal Beach Roughwater Swim (10 km)

Around Coronado Island Swim (12 miles)

Coronado Off the Island Swim (6 miles)

La Jolla Tour of Buoys (5 miles)


Catalina Channel Relay (22 miles)

Encinitas to La Jolla Relay (14 miles)

Point Loma to La Jolla Relay (16 miles)

California to Mexico Relay (16 miles)

Around Pennock Island 8-mile (two person)

Capri to Ischia (Italy) Relay (18 miles)

La Jolla ADA Relay (10 miles)

Solo Experience - Shorter Swims[edit]

Around Naples Island

Newport Pier to Pier Swim

Dwight Crum Pier to Pier Memorial Swim

Golden Gate Bridge Swim

Escape from Alcatraz

La Jolla Rough Water Swim (Gatorman)

La Jolla Cove Swim Club, Pier to Cove Swim

Honors and Awards[edit]

California State Assembly Commendation 2002

Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic torchbearer

External Links[edit]

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