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She is also a model with one cover magazine to her credit and an open water swimming reporter with The Daily News of Open Water Swimming and a Content Manager for Open Water Source.


A former NCAA pool swimmer and a current world record holder in the open water, Lexie profoundly understands the DNA of the aquatic world. After her successful pool swimming career, Lexie transferred her passion and talents to open water swimming after she moved to Long Beach, California.

Lexie's personable ambassadorial style and organizational skills help bring together hundreds of athletes together in open water swims in the Cayman Islands where she hosts numerous Olympians, world champions and VIPs from several countries. Her skills extend to safely organizing marathon swims where athletes must overcome currents, waves, jellyfish and sharks in the open ocean.

She has helped athletes make successful Catalina Channel crossings and has life guarded on beaches throughout Southern California throughout her young career. A graduate of California State University Bakersfield, she brings energy, ocean knowledge, organizational skills and an ambiance to the open water swimming world.

Race Director[edit]

Lexie organizes the richest open water swimming event in the world and the largest open water race in the Caribbean – the Flowers Sea Swim. She also successfully organized the unprecedented 67.26-mile Bridging The Cayman Islands marathon swim by Penny Palfrey.

Lexie also coordinated the 5-mile Cayman Brac Channel Challenge.


[1] was born in Hemet, California in 1986. She is a 2009 graduate of California State University Bakersfield] majoring in Business Management with a sharp eye for design. Lexie started swimming at the age of six months and has never figuratively left the water. She has two sisters and a brother and is active on Facebook.


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