Alexander Kormanovsky

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Dr. Alexander Kormanovsky was the team physician for the Sport City English Channel Relay Team from Mexico that set 2 world records. The 6-member relay team set a world record in the four-way crossing of the English Channel of 136 km in 42 hours 11 minutes, and a world record in the three-way crossing in 102 km in 30 hours 7 minutes in 2007.

Sport City[edit]

Sport City included Mariel Hawley, Jorge Urreta, 55-year-old Luis Pineyro, 48-year-old Omar Díaz González, 38-year-old Alejandro Moreno, 26-year-old Mayalen Noriega, supported by coach Rodolfo Aznar and Dr. Kormanovsky, escorted by Mike Oram and Lance Oram.

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