Alex McMillin

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Alex McMillin is an active promoter of open water swimming in the Oakville region of Lake Ontario, Canada. He has served as a volunteer escort crew member, Zodiac pilot and kayaker for L.O.S.T. swimmers like Madhu Nagaraja, Rob Kent, Annaleise Carr.

He is a former competitive swim coach at York Swim Club, Etobicoke Swimming, and Cobra Swim Club who has completed 48 running marathons, 17 consecutive Boston Marathons started 1996, 4 Ironman competitions (2 Ironman Lake Placid, 2 Ironman Canada) and 1 marathon swim relay (10 km 2-man relay in the Swim Around Key West, Florida.

He has also served as the marathon swim coach for Madhu Nagaraja in his 2012 Lake Ontario crossing, for Rob Kent in his 2006 English Channel attempt and his 2012 Lake Ontario crossing.

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