Alex Andon

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Andon did free-diving in the coral reefs of the British Virgin Islands, worked for the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, camped on beaches in Crete to protect nests and hatchlings in the lead-up to establishing Jellyfish Art. He built aquariums for his own research projects at Duke University and the University of Delaware before founding Jellyfish Art on a platform of cutting-edge jellyfish husbandry techniques. Andon received his B.S. from Duke in Biology and Environmental Science.

Jellyfish Art[edit]

Jellyfish Art's tanks are a unique interior decoration with special water flow patterns that help maintain the jellyfish pets for up to a year. First used in public aquariums, Jellyfish Art is now the market leader in providing Jellyfish aquariums to consumers, enabling people to own and maintain jellyfish as pets.

Jellyfish Art creates Jellyfish aquariums with specialized water flow patterns so the jellyfish will not get stuck in corners or sucked into filtration intakes. It provides frozen food high in fatty acids specifically for jellyfish. Home kits come with Moon jellyfish and supply of frozen brine shrimp to start.

Alex Andon in the News[edit]