Alessia Zecchini

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Alessia Zecchini (born 30 June 1992 in Rome, Italy) is an Italian freediver who set world and Italian records in free diving. She began freediving at the age of 13 after being a competitive swimmer in her childhood. In 2006, she took her first course of federal apnea in the Apnea Blu Mare society. She won a silver medal in her debut when she was 18 years old in the Italian Championship. She is the current AIDA world record holder in CWT with an astonishing 104 meters and CMAS world record holder in DYN with 250 meters.

She is currently the deepest woman in the world with her -105 meters CWT (Monofin) reached in San Andres Island in 2018. She reclaimed this record which she briefly lost to Hanako Hirose days before, on 10 May 2017.


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