Aleix Segura Vendrell

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Aleix Segura Vendrell (born in 1986, Barcelona) is an architect from Barcelona and a multiple world champion freediver, both under AIDA and CMAS official structures. Through spearfishing, he developed his apnea skills and started competing in apnea (freediving) in 2011, holding three World Champion titles in static apnea which aims to hold the breath underwater for the longest time.

In 2016 he achieved also the official Guinness World Record in static apnea with previous pure oxygen breathe up reaching 24 minutes and 3.45 seconds in an event broadcast on TV, during the Mediterranean Dive Show 2016, becoming the longest official breath hold ever at the moment. He is the only person ever to have simultaneously held the AIDA, CMAS, and Guinness World Record static apnea titles.

World Record[edit]

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