Alcatraz Invitational Swim

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The Alcatraz Invitational Swim is an open water swimming competition hosted by the South End Rowing Club in San Francisco, California. Its record is held by Bob Placak, set in 1989 in 1 hour 5 minutes.


1.27 miles from a point near Alcatraz Island to the South End Rowing Clubhouse at the foot of the Hyde St. Pier in San Francisco Bay.


Both Suits and Skins divisions are offered. Swimmers 14 and under need to have the permission of the race director to swim.

Water Temperature[edit]

The water in San Francisco Bay in September is typically around 60 to 62°F (15 to 17°C).

Cut-off Time[edit]

90 minutes is the maximum, but we take each swimmer’s situation into consideration and encourage every swimmer to finish. Ultimately we take direction from the US Coast Guard and San Francisco Police Department as to when to end the swim – especially in the shipping channel. Slower swimmers may be repositioned so they can safely finish the swim.




City San Francisco Bay, San Francisco

State/County/Province California

Country USA

Region Americas


Name Bill Wygant of the South End Rowing Club,

Event Information[edit]

Month: September

Event Date: 29 September 2018

Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: Yes

Charity: No

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