Alatina alata

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noun - Alatina alata is a Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean species of box jellyfish, often referred to as a sea wasp. It is also found in the Arabian Sea along the beaches of Pakistan and possibly in the Indian Ocean. Alatina alata is a transparent box jellyfish with a bell height of 9 inches (230 mm). The species may lack nematocyst warts at least when young. The bell itself is transparent and very hyaline (glassy). Species of the Pacific Ocean (not including areas near Hawaii) are often very large, up to 12 inches (300 mm) long and up to 6 inches (150 mm) wide. Atlantic specimens vary in size from 5 inches (130 mm) long and 2 inches (51 mm) wide up to 10 inches (250 mm) long and 5 inches (130 mm) wide, occasionally larger. Some specimens have been seen with nematocyst warts. Alatina alata in Hawaii are about 6 inches (150 mm) long by 3 inches (76 mm) wide on average.

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