Alastair Dennis

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Alastair "Ali" Dennis is a triathlon, running, cross-country, pool and open water swimming coach in Wellington, New Zealand. He founded Fitness Goals in 1991 where he operates swimming squads, a freestyle improvement course (Gliding on!) and running workshops (Striding on!) targeted at triathletes and multi-sporters.

He has produced two educational DVDs: Striding on! and Gliding on! that are sold internationally to athletes, coaches, medical professionals and schools. Over the last 20 years, Dennis has helped hundreds of people achieve a range of goals from 800 meters on the track to marathon through to Ironman and from 400 meter swims to a 40km crossing of lake Taupo. Apart from helping ordinary people achieve the extraordinary Ali has also helped athletes achieve national medals in athletics, cross country, disabled and IHC swimming events as well as national and international medals in age group Triathlon and Multisport. He has presented workshops throughout the county including for the NZ Triathlon age group team and at the national swim coaches and teaches association conference in May 2008.

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