Alan Hong

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Alan Hong was a long-time Parks and Recreation supervisor with the City & County of Honolulu.

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Hawai'i Swimming Hall of Fame Induction[edit]

Alan Hong was born in South Korea to a US military family and attended schools across the US throughout his childhood. He attended the University of Hawaii and earned his bachelor’s in engineering. He then worked as an ocean recreation specialist for the City & County Department of Parks and Recreation for 15 years, where he oversaw ocean activities and water safety programs. In 1990, he was named manager of the Hanauma Bay marine conservation district and served for 21 years, during which he implemented many new rules and procedures which reduced crowding, pollution, and overexposure, to protect Hanauma Bay for future generations. For the Hawaii swimming community Alan served as the water safety coordinator for the Waikiki Roughwater Swim during its early years with priority being safety for all swimmers. Jim Anderson, race director for the swim, says the event could not have succeeded if not for Alan’s dedication and prioritization of safety.

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