Alan Barker

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Alan Barker was an American open water swimmer from California.

On 26 September 1926, Barker tried swimming from Point Diablo on Santa Cruz Island to the California mainland together with him: Zane Steenrod and 17-year-old Gertrude “Teddy” Crawford. Crawford gave up after 3 hours and 5 miles, Barker remained in the water completing 8 miles in 5 hours while Steenrod completed 12 miles in 9 hours 42 minutes before retiring. Members from the Santa Barbara Kelp Club supported the three swimmers and decided to take over from Steenrod finished and turn it in to an 8-person relay. The names of the 5 relay members is lost in history, but the team finished on 27 September 1926 at 6:01 pm after 18 hours 27 minutes.

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