Al Schoenfield Media Award

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Al Schoenfield Media Award is an award presented by the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Al Schoenfield[edit]

Al Schoenfield was editor and publisher of Swimming World Magazine and Swimming Technique magazines between 1960 and 1977) and served on various international committees for swimming including the FINA Technical Swimming Committee (1980-1984). His life was a commitment to swimming. He participated in its administrative structure and spread its stories through his magazines and promotions. Al died on April 19, 2005, but his legacy will forever endure to all who have benefited from his lifetime of service to swimming.

Recipients of the Al Schoenfield Media Award[edit]

2019 Peter Bick
2018 Bob Ingram
2012 Richard Deal
2011 Pedro Adrega
2010 Tamás Gyárfás
2009 Heinz Kluetmeier
2008 Phil Whitten
2008 Rowdy Gaines
2007 Craig Lord
2006 Bud Greenspan
2005 Nick Thierry
2004 Camillo Cametti
2003 Francois Oppenheim
2002 Diana Nyad
2001 Donna de Varona
2000 Sharon Robb
1999 Jean Pierre Lacour
1999 Eric Lahmy
1998 Frank Litsky
1997 Jim Mckay
1996 Arlie Schardi

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