Ahmed Rashad Sallam

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Dr. Ahmed Rashad Sallam is originally from Alexandria and a former Egyptian national open water swimmer with a wealth of international racing experience. He is currently a professor of international and business law in Egypt

Philosophical view of marathon swimming[edit]

"Swimming was my life. I enjoy being in the water. I feel that I have more endurance than the other competitors and learned to be patient and not to consume all my energy. I saved my best for the finish."


  • He finished second in the 1987 Windermere World Championships.
  • He crossed English Channel when he was a member of the Egyptian National Team’s English Channel crossing in 1987.
  • He won a gold medal in the 1500-meter freestyle in the All-African Swimming Championships in Kenya in 1984.
  • He competed in the World Open Rivers Championships in Egypt in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991.
  • He competed in the 1988 World 25 km Swimming Championships in Lake Zurich, Switzerland in 1988.
  • He competed in the 17 km 1986 World Open Water Swimming Championships in Evian, Switzerland in 1986.
  • He raced in many parts of the world, from the 18 km Palermo race in Italy in 1986 and the 25 km Sabac, Yugoslavia race in 1985.
  • He finished fourth in the 1988 [[Lake Zurich Marathon Swim in Switzerland in 6 hours 59 minutes 26 seconds.

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