Aegean Sea

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Dardanelles and Bosporus.

The Aegean Islands are within the sea and some bound it on its southern periphery, including Crete and Rhodes. The Aegean Region consists of nine provinces in southwestern Turkey, in part bordering on the Aegean sea. The sea was traditionally known as Archipelago (in Greek, Αρχιπέλαγος, meaning "chief sea"), but in English this word's meaning has changed to refer to the Aegean Islands and, generally, to any island group. It is part of the Seven Seas.

Seven Seas[edit]

Lewis Pugh completed one leg of his Seven Swims In The Seven Seas For 1 Reason in the Aegean Sea.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

It was site of the open water swimming competition at the 1896 Athens Olympic Games.

Locations of Olympic Swimming Events in the Open Water[edit]

In the modern Olympic Games, the early swimming events were also held in open bodies of water that included the following:

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