Adventure Swim Contest

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Jamie Patrick of San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

The Adventure Swim Contest was created to assist people around the world to live their swim dream. The winner was chosen based on applications sent in. Each was reviewed based on passion and sense of adventure. A panel of three evaluated each entry. The winner is awarded US$500 towards their next Adventure swim plus a massive amount of free swim gear. There were no specific rules to follow for any adventure swim. "Just follow your passion that leads you to the water," explains Patrick.

The prize money may be used for travel, swim lessons, or anything to help accomplish the winner's dream Adventure swim. Anyone and everyone is eligible. "My goal is for others to live their adventures and experience the same joy I have through my adventure swims," says Patrick.

First Annual Adventure Swim Contest[edit]

57 people who submitted applications for the the first annual Adventure Swim Contest which was won by Kate Greene of Nashville, Tennessee who will do the Kate Adventure Swim.

The range of entries is amazing. From traditional marathon swims to self-created swims that no one has ever done. The applications were submitted by a wide range of individuals from around the world (South Africa, Europe, South America and the United States), from experience marathon swimmers to rookie open water swimmers.

The adventure swims ranged from becoming the oldest to swim the English Channel to a triathlete wanting to make the time cut at Ironman. From swims in extremely cold water to swims following the paths of others. An entry came from one swimmer wanting to help out another swimmer. Most dream swims revolved around helping out a cause.

Although each entry had different goal, objectives, and finish lines, each was founded on a common theme. The swimmers' common bond was their love and spirit of swimming. Whether the goal was to be the first or fastest or to experience something new, the global community of the open water is clearly apparent. Each entry represented someone's deep passion for swimming. Each different and unique in design and purpose. The goals are personal and profound. The passions are deep and rooted.

Each entry was given a number and all personal information is blocked out. The entries are given to three individuals to review. Their goal was to review each entry for passion and sense of adventure. Each entry was given a score from 1-20 with 20 as the maximum score. The scores were then tallied without any personal information attached. The high score is the winner.

Statistics from 2011 Adventure Swim Contest[edit]

Number of Entries: 57
Male Entries: 31
Female Entries: 26
Oldest Entry: 71
Youngest Entry: 13
Number of Countries: 9

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