Adriano Motta

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Adriano Motta is an open water swimmer.

Open Water Swimming Highlights[edit]

On 3 March 2019, Lucas Rivet, Pablo Cosso, Adriano Motta, Marcial Carnevali, Genaro Carnevali, Julieta O’Connor, Ignacio Scott, Carlos Kmetiuk, Andres Sellei, Gaston Faccio and German Pezzenati will attempt a 42 km relay crossing of the Río de la Plata between Argentina and Uruguay in 13 hours 14 minutes to commemorate the centenary attempt of the marathon swim by Enrique Tiraboschi on 19 February 1919. The attempt is organized by Asociación Cruce a Nado Río de la Plata and managed by Swim Argentina.

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