Adriana Suyama

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Janelle Jordan, and produced by Thais Eliasen]] Adriana Suyama is a first-time American author of Jolie and the Change of Heart and full time homeschooling mom of four. As a child, she grew up spending endless hours imagining, reading and enjoying being lost in the stories. As a young adult, she worked and volunteered with kids with special needs and found immeasurable joy in children of all kinds. As she became a mom, that joy fueled her desire to become an author.

Jolie and the Change of Heart[edit]

Jolie and the Change of Heart is a children's hardcover book, illustrated by Janelle Jorden and produced by Thais Eliasen, that tells a story about a mermaid who is beautiful - but mean. She has an unhappy accident which tests her vanity, and she is forced to look inside and change her heart. Through a chain of events, she discovers the joy in helping others, and willingly changes her heart to reveal her beauty within.

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