Adam Moine

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Becky Jackman-Beeler, Mike Mitchell, Kent Nicholas, Emily Evans, and Tina Neill were members of Team FTD that completed a 6-way crossing of the Catalina Channel that was captained by John Pittman aboard the Outrider, ratified by the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation and observed by Carol Sing, Donald Van Cleve, and Adam Moine. Source: Marathon Swimmers Forum by Evan Morrison]]Adam Moine is an American open water swimmer who successfully crossed the Catalina Channel in 9 hours 14 minutes under the auspices of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation. He also served as part of the observer team for Team FTD that successfully completed an unprecedented 6-way crossing of the Catalina Channel on 10-13 July 2013 in 61 hours 7 minutes.

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