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NT300 is nominated for the 2015 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year]]Adam Eilath is an Israeli open water swimmer with Canadian citizenship. An water enthusiast who lives in San Francisco, California, he is a member of the Night Train Swimmers and their record-setting NT300 relay. He is a teacher at Jewish Community High School of the Bay.


He is a member of the Night Train 300 (or NT300) by the Night Train Swimmers that swam over 300 miles (482.2 km) non-stop as a six-person open water swimming relay in San Francisco Bay. The charity event began on 6 September 2015 is a fundraiser for Arthur Renowitzky walk again after being paralyzed by a gunshot wound to his spine, and set the distance record for a 6-person open water swimming relay.

Adhering to standard English Channel relay rules, NT300 swam continuously in 1-hour individual rotations for 5 days in breaking the existing distance record [currently held a team from India, called The Sea Hawks that swam for 269 miles (433 km) over 6 days off the Konkan Coast in western India). They swam in San Francisco Bay as far south as the Giants Stadium and as far north as Benicia with the goal is raise US$50,000 to help make Arthur Renowitzky walk again by outfitting him with a exoskeleton REWALK suit.

Members included Grace van der Byl, Dave Holscher, Kimberley Chambers, Adam Eilath, Ashley Horne, and Vito Bialla.

8 Bridges West Coast Edition[edit]

He will attempt 8 consecutive crossings of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay, California, called 8 Bridges West Coast Edition.

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