Abou El Ella Abdel Fatah

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Dr. Abou El Ella Abdel Fatah is a Professor at the University of Cairo and a member of the FINA Coaches Commission. Dr. Fatah is considered the top physiologist in the Middle East and a consultant to the Minister of Sport in Egypt and the Dubai Sports Council.

FINA Coaches Commission[edit]

1. Osvaldo Arsenio, Chairman
2. Johan Wallberg, Vice Chairman
3. David Urguart, Honorary Secretary
4. Luis Liberato Baptista, Member
5. Frank Busch, Member
6. Franco Giorgio Cagnotto, Member
7. Abou El Ella Abdel Fatah, Member
8. Juan Jane Giralt, Member
9. Pierre Lafontaine, Member
10. Elisabeth Price, Member
11. Jacco Verhaeren, Member
12. Shaozhen Zhong, Member
13. Paulo Frischknecht, FINA Bureau Liaison

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