Aaron Jay

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Aaron Jay was an executive producer of the documentary film Unsinkable, the story of Alan Corcoran’s unprecedented 500 km charity swim along the length of Ireland.

Unsinkable Trailer[edit]


With the stunning backdrop of Ireland’s wild coastline, Unsinkable unfolds to show the succession of challenges faced during such a monumental undertaking. It’s a film that explores a person’s journey through grief, using the swimming project to channel the negative emotions into a meaningful, hopeful and inspiring adventure.

Alan Corcoran[edit]

Alan Corcoran is an open water swimmer, extreme athlete, and executive producer of the documentary film Unsinkable, the author of Marathon Man: My Life, My Father’s Stroke and Running 35 Marathons in 35 Days, and who was the first person to swim the length of Ireland, 500 km from the Giant's Causeway, County Antrim (north coast of Northern Ireland) to Tramore, County Waterford (south coast of the Republic of Ireland).

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