A Chance for Children

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Greg Bonann]] A Chance for Children is a children's book written by Dr. Stathis Avramidis with illustrations by Nikos Kouremenos.

Stathis Avramidis, Author[edit]

Dr. Stathis Avramidis is a prolific author and advocate in the field of water safety. He has served and popularized aquatics and water safety since 1988 as athlete, academic, water safety and media professional. He holds a Diploma of Education on "Adapted Physical Education" (with a mark of 10 "excellent") and a Bachelor of Science in "Sport Science and Physical Education" (graduating with the highest mark 8.39/10 among 105 graduates) from the University of Athens (Greece 1999). He also holds a Masters in Sport/Exercise Science and a PhD on lifesaving and drowning respectively at Leeds Metropolitan University (England 2001; 2009), as well as a Master on Public Health (National School of Public Health Athens, Greece 2016).

About the Book[edit]

The book "A Chance for Children", aims to be a hymn of human empowerment! It talks about an at-risk poor boy named Dear who was wandering around, saying "I am a child; give me a chance". The book addresses the issues of love, learning, family, friendship, persistence in ones goals, water safety, drowning prevention, swimming competition, resuscitation.

It was inspired by the true story of "Camp Baywatch", that was co-founded by Greg Bonann and Tai Collins during the successful screening of the TV series "Baywatch" as means to help disadvantaged children in California have a second chance in life. My camp allowed children meet Baywatch actors from my crew and learn swimming and water safety. We later renamed it to what today is know as "A Chance for Children Foundation" to serve a higher purpose.

It talks about aquatics and safety making reference to swimming, fair play, drowning, rescue, resuscitation, water safety (the drowning chain, the human chain and swim-with-aid rescues, use of personal flotation device). It contains several educational games that allow primary school educators, water safety professionals, camp counselors and parents spend creative time with children. It is part of the Hellenic National Water Safety Program by the Hellenic Ministry of Health and the Greek national primary school education by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. It is available in 2 languages (Greek, English). It is distributed at no cost, both online and printed to allow the wide spreading of impact (helping those from lower socio-economic levels get it, together with other supporting material (power point, certificate of participation).

The book is endorsed by 18 prestigious organizations that operate in 20 countries (Ministry of Education, Research, Religious Affairs; Secretary General of Public Health-Ministry of Health; Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation; International Awards Giuseppe Sciacca; Giuseppe Sciacca Foundation; Hellenic Center for Disease Control-Prevention; Hellenic Federation of Underwater Activity; Pan-Hellenic Union of Physical Educators; Union of Greek Athletes with Extraordinary Achievements; Pan-Hellenic Medical Union; International Swimming Hall of Fame; National School of Public Health; International Water Safety Day; International Federation of Swimming Teachers' Association; Brazilian Lifesaving Society; Safe Water Sports; Hellenic Red Cross).

So far the children's book has made a profound educational impact because it has been used to educate thousands children in schools and summer camps in Greece and abroad.

For all the above, Bonann nominated Dr. Avramidis for the "Back Dawson Author's Award 2018" at the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

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