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noun - ASCA or the American Swimming Coaches Association is a professional service organization based on a central theme of Leadership in American Swimming through Education, Certification, and Cooperation. It is dedicated to creating and enhancing progressive and highly visible programs that are effective in strengthening and improving the coaching profession and building a stronger swimming community. It is affiliated with the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA).

Membership Benefits[edit]

  • American Swimming Coaches Association Magazine: published 6 times per year and features in-depth interviews from respected coaches on stroke training, technique, sample workouts and much more.
  • ASCA Newsletter: published 12 times a year and provides information on the coaching profession, awards, and compensation.
  • Journal of Swimming Research: Technical swimming research and practical applications on a variety of topics: lactate testing, psychology, pool specs, and injuries. Scientist and Peer reviewed.
  • ASCA World Clinic: More than 1,500 swimming coaches attend the ASCA World Clinic each September as the largest swimming clinic in the world. Members receive reduced registration fees. Five days, 30 speakers and 100 exhibitions.
  • Certification: ASCA Certification is designed to identify and recognize professionally prepared coaches on a national level. Join the 10,000 ASCA certified coaches who have moved up the ladder of advancement. ASCA Certification is based on your education, experience and achievement since the start of your coaching career. Available through home study or clinic presentation, ASCA provides five certification schools to aid in your professional development. ASCA also offers over 20 educational enrichment courses.
  • Club Assistance: Through the Club Assistance program we provide assistance and advice to coaches and boards of directors on long range planning, the budgeting process, fund raising and coach-board-parent relationships.


ASCA current membership ranges from college students who aspire one day to become a coach; to coaches at the Age Group, High School, college, YMCA, Masters and summer league levels; assistant coaches, learn-to-swim professionals; and every Olympic coach since 1956.


SwimAmerica is its national learn-to-swim program, designed to act as a feeder program into your competitive team. SwimAmerica training sessions are held monthly, and program directors have earned as much as $30,000 in their own SwimAmerica program. Teaching Manual, promotion, business plan, and awards are just the start of what makes this program unique.

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