A.F. Shafshak

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A.F. Shafshak was elected Treasurer of the International Long Distance Swimming Federation (ILDSF), an international governing body of marathon swimming in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. He represented the Long Distance Swimming Federation of Egypt at the First International Open Ocean Swim, a 41.09 km Catalina Channel crossing from Isthmus Beach of Santa Catalina Island to Cabrillo Beach on the Southern California mainland held on 20 August 1984.

International Long Distance Swimming Federation[edit]

The International Long Distance Swimming Federation was established in Paris, France in 1953. Its initial listing of federation officers included Honorary President (Isaak Helmi), President (Dr. Sabry), Secretary (General Zorkani), Assistant Secretary (Mostafa Ebeid), Treasurer (A.F. Shafshak), a French Vice President and an Italian Vice President. Isaak Helmi was the Honorary President between 1962-1970 when swimmers from Egypt, France, Italy, Kuwait, Sweden, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Argentina, Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, England, Canada and Syria participated in the races.

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