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noun - Two hundred one hundreds (200 x 100s) is a pool swimming distance freestyle interval set that is a tradition among the hardest core open water swimmers, channel swimmers, and marathon swimmers. Two hundred swims of 100 yards or 100 meters each, or a total of 20,000m or 20,000 yards, is conducted in a pool, either on one consistent interval or performed at different intervals. The set is usually done during the year-end training period.


The team of adult swimmers challenged themselves to 200 x 100s at a 1:40 pace.


100x100s, 200 x 100, double century swim


Ned Denison started 200 x 100 and 250 x 100 training sets in Cork, Ireland followed by Antonio Argüelles doing high-altitude 200 x 100 training sets in Mexico City, Mexico in 2011.


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