1400K Swim Across Tunisia

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stage swim by Nejib Belhedi along the entire Tunisian coast in the Mediterranean Sea. His ongoing swim was selected in an online global poll by swimmers from 108 countries as the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.



1,400 km from the Tunisian/Algerian border in the Tunisian North Sea to the Tunisian/Libyan border in the Southern Tunisian Sea, along the Tunisian coast.


The aims of the 1400K Swim Across Tunisia was to bring a warm slogan of Welcome to Tunisia via:

1. To invite tourists and increase the popularity of Tunisia by showcasing it as a friendly and hospitable country, 2. To support the bonds of national unity in the era of revolution of dignity and reverence for the sanctity of the borders of Tunisia and its coasts, 3. To devote the concept of global sustainable development, giving weight to environmental, tourism, sports, social and cultural aspects.

Poetic Description[edit]

Nor the Current stops him!
Neither the immensity of sea downs him!
We see his arms thank the waves across each meter he swims.
It’s already a prelude to see a new shore for him.

1400K Swim Strategy[edit]

He was housed and fed along the course by members of the local communities along the Mediterranean coast.

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