101 Movers And Shakers In The Open Water Swimming World

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noun - 101 Movers and Shakers in the open water swimming are individuals who wield power and influence in a variety of understated, profound, and significant ways via a variety of roles: as swimmers (both former and current), administrators, judges, coaches, officials, observers, writers, producers or photo/videographers.

Some have impact in a subtle manner; others are aided by the media or their own marketing efforts. Some seek to be influential; others merely wield power by the force of their actions, events, achievements statements or prose.

However way these individuals are involved in the the sport, the following men can be considered to be among the movers and shakers in the world of open water swimming. It is, by far, an incomplete global list, but these men are open water ambassadors, spreading their enthusiasm and passion for the sport. The women's list, both listed alphabetically, follows below:

2013 Men's 101 Movers and Shakers[edit]

1. Alexander Brylin (Russia): Coordinator, Ice Swimmer and President of the AQUICE-sport Federation
2. Andy Wright (England): Observer, Race Director and Honorary Secretary, British Long Distance Swimming Association
3. Arie Lemstra and René Lemstra (Netherlands): Father-and-son team and race directors
4. Ben Stubenberg (Turks & Caicos): Race Director and Coordinator, West Indies Bluewater Ocean Swim Series
5. Billy Wallace (Ireland): President, Irish Long Distance Swimming Association
6. Bob Placak (USA): Race Director, RCP Tiburon Mile and Relay Team Captain
7. Bruckner Chase (USA/American Samoa): Ocean Advocate and Creator of 2Samoas/1Ocean
8. Buls Werner (Belgium): Race director, Belgium Marathon Swimming Championships and Wedstrijden Willebroek
9. Charlie Gravett (Jersey): Pilot and Vice President, Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club
10. Colin Hill (England): Founder of Chillswim
11. Cor de Bruin (Netherlands): Race Director of the Ijseelmeerzwemmarathon, Brakenoer Trophy and Jan van Scheijndel Memorial
12. Cornel Marculescu (Austria): FINA Executive Director
13. Dale Petranech (USA): Honorary Secretary of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
14. David Clark (USA): Board Director, Catalina Channel Swimming Federation and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
15. Darren Miller (USA): Fundraiser, motivational speaker, and Oceans Seven swimmer
16. Dennis Miller (Fiji): Liaison, FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee and FINA Bureau member
17. Dimitris Kakalikas (Greece): Race Director, Coach and FINA Open Water Swimming Official
18. Donal Buckley (Ireland): Blogger, Commentator, Swimmer
19. Doug Woodring (USA/Hong Kong): Race Director, Environmentalist & Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance
20. Emanuele Sacchi (Italy): Elite and National Team Coach of Italy
21. Eric Juneau (Canada): General Manager, Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean
22. Evan Morrison (USA): Creator of Marathon Swimmers Forum and Freshwater Swimmer
23. Forrest Nelson (USA): Marathon Swimmer and President, Catalina Channel Swimming Federation
24. Frank Flowers (Cayman Islands): Namesake and Race Director, Flowers Sea Swim
25. Dr. Jim Miller (USA): FINA Sports Medicine Committee Member and FINA Medical Delegate
26. Gadi Katz (Israel): Coach, Swimmer and Race Director
27. Gary Emich (USA): Author, Lesson from Alcatraz, coach and San Francisco Bay aquapreneur
28. Germán Vaché (Argentina): Open water swimming photographer and social media presence
29. Gerry Rodrigues (USA): Triathlon, Swimming and Open Water Coach and Tower 26 Creator
30. Glen Christiansen (Sweden): Coach and Masters / Elite Swimmer Training Camp Director
31. Hans Beenker (Netherlands): Race Director, Open Dutch Championships and the LEN Cup in Hoorn, Netherlands
32. Henk Verbeke (Belgium): Race Director, Damme-Brugge Open Water Swim
33. Jack Bright (England): Documentary Filmmaker, Coordinator and Extreme Swimmer
34. Jaime Caballero (Spain): Fundraiser and marathon swimmer
35. Jamie Patrick (USA): Adventure Swimmer and Founder, Lake Tahoe Swimming Society
36. Janez Maroević (Croatia): General Secretary of the Faros Maratón and Croatian Long Distance Swimming Federation 37. John Mix (USA): Co-founder and President of FINIS
38. Jonathan Strauss (USA): Race director of Swim Miami and promoter
39. Jorge Delgado (Ecuador): FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee Vice Chairman
40. Jose Diaz (Spain): Blogger, Reporter and Nadandolibre Coach
41. Juan Ignacio Martínez Fernández-Villamil (Spain): Race Director, Descenso a Nado de la Ría de Navia
42. Julian Critchlow (England): Vice Chairman, Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation and English Channel Statistician
43. Keith Bell (USA): Race Director, Author, Psychologist and Founder, American Swimming Association
44. Kester Edwards (USA): Board Member, Special Olympics International
45. Kevin Murphy (England): Honorary Secretary, Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation and President, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
46. Kiril Todorov (Mexico): President, Mexican Swimming Federation
47. Ky Hurst (Australia): 2-time Olympic Swimmer and Australian Surf Lifesaving Champion
48. Lewis Gordon Pugh, OIG (South Africa): Pioneer Swimmer, Motivational Speaker, Environmental Campaigner
49. Marcos Diaz (Dominican Republic): Adventure Swimmer for United Nations and Motivational Speaker
50. Martin Strel (Slovenia): Big River Man
51. Mauricio Prieto (Mexico): Swimmer, Fundraiser and Founder of eDreams and Swim4Good
52. Mel Stewart (USA): Filmmaker, Swimming Authority and Gold Medal Mel creator
53. Michael Oram (England): English Channel Pilot and Chairman, Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
54. Michael Read MBE (England): President, Channel Swimming Association
55. Mohamed Marouf (Canada/Egypt): Coach of Swimming Canada
56. Professor Morrie Chiang (Taiwan): Race director of the Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival, world's largest swim
57. Ned Denison (Ireland): Administrator, Cork Distance Week Organizer and Motivator
58. Nejib Belhedi (Tunisia): Event Director and Channel and Adventure Swimmer
59. Nelson Vargas (Mexico): Race Director, Swimming Benefactor and Owner, Acuática nelsonvargas
60. Nick Adams (England): Channel Swimmer and President, Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
61. Niek Kloots (Netherlands): Race Official / Director and Webmaster and Co-founder, European Open Water Swimming
62. Nino Fazio (Italy): Historian, Coach, Administrator of Baiadigrotta in the Strait of Messina
63. Oswald Schmidt (Ireland): Organizer, Global Open Water Swimming Conference
64. Oussama Mellouli (Tunisia): World champion and two-time Olympic champion
65. Patrick Winkler (Brazil): Publisher, The Swim Channel Magazine
66. Paul Ellercamp (Australia): Owner and operator, OceanSwims.com
67. Paul Newsome (England): Founder and Head Coach, Swim Smooth
68. Pedro Rego Monteiro (Brazil): Founder, Effect Sports and Race Director, King and Queen of the Sea
69. Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria): 4-time Olympian and member of the FINA Athletic Commission
70. Peter Bales (South Africa): Organiser, Observer, and Co-founder and Chairman, Cape Long Distance Swimming Association
71. Peter van Vooren (Belgium): Chairman, Channel Swimming Association and Board Member, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
72. Phil White (USA): Race Director and Founder, Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association
73. Philip Rush (New Zealand): World Record Holder in English Channel, National Team Coach and Coach/manager for Cook Strait crossings
74. Radek Taborsky (Czech Republic): Coach and Administrator, Czech Republic Swimming Federation
75. Rafael Gutiérrez Mesa (Spain): President, Asociación de Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar (Strait of Gibraltar Swimming Association)
76. Rafael Hernández (Mexico): Race director and promoter
77. Ram Barkai (South Africa): Extreme Swimmer, Race Director and Founder, International Ice Swimming Association
78. Richard Broer (Netherlands): Board Director, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Coach and Manager, European Open Water Swimming website
79. Rob Dumouchel (USA): Swimmer, Documentarist and Blogger
80. Rob Kent (Canada): Founder of the L.O.S.T. Swimming
81. Ronnie Wong Man Chiu (Hong Kong): Honorary Secretary, Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association and Chairman, FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee
82. Salvatore Cimmino (Italy): Amputee Swimmer and Advocate for the Physically Disabled
83. Santosh Raut (India): Chairman, Long Distance Swimming Association of India
84. Scott Rice (New Zealand): Founder and President, Quantum Events that organizes the 6-race New Zealand Ocean Swim Series
85. Scott Zornig (USA): President, Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association
86. Sid Cassidy (USA): Member, FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee
87. Simon Griffiths (England): Publisher, Founder and Editor, H2Open Magazine
88. Simon Murie (England): Founder and Head Coach, SwimTrek
89. Stéphane Lecat (France): Board member, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
90. Stephen Millar (Ireland): Race Organiser and Chairman, Irish Long Distance Swimming Association
91. Stephen Redmond (Ireland): Marathon swimmer
92. Steven Munatones (USA): Founder, World Open Water Swimming Association
93. Theodore Yach (South Africa): Swimmer, organiser, and author
94. Thomas Lurz (Germany): Olympic 10K Marathon Swim bronze and silver medalist
95. Vicko Šoljan (Croatia): Founder, Croatian Long Distance Swimming Federation and Race Director, Faros Maratón
96. Vito Bialla (USA): Founder, Farallon Islands Swimming Federation, Escort Pilot and Swimmer
97. Vojislav Mijić (Serbia): Race Director, Sabac Swim Marathon
98. Wayne Riddin (South Africa): Race Director, aQuellé Midmar Mile, the world's largest race
99. William Schulz (Alaska): Founder and Race Director, Pennock Island Challenge
100. Yutaka Shinozaki (Japan): Founder, Japan International Open Water Swimming Association
101. Zacharias Alexandrakis (Greece): Coach, head of lifeguards and creator of Marathon Swimming Greece website

2013 Women's 101 Movers and Shakers[edit]

1. Aida Molina (Spain): Culture Sport director
2. Alison Streeter MBE (England): Queen of the Channel®
3. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil): World champion and professional competitor
4. Angela Maurer (Germany): Professional marathon swimmer, mother and 2-time Olympian
5. Angela Oram (England): Committee member of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
6. Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden): Marathon and Oceans Seven channel swimmer
7. Anna Rita Strydom (South Africa): Manager for Natalie du Toit
8. Anne Marie Ward (Ireland): 2010 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year
9. Beverley Thomas (England): President, British Long Distance Swimming Association
10. Carol Sing (USA): Member of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation board of directors
11. Carolyn Asher (Australia): Coach, learn to swim advocate, member of the Board of Directors of the Royal Life Saving Queensland in Australia
12. Chako Shinozaki (Japan): Coordinator of the Japan International Open Water Swimming Association
13. Chloe Zimmerman (Turks & Caicos): Co-race director of the Race for the Conch and marketer of the West Indies Bluewater Ocean Swim Series
14. Christiane Fanzeres (Brazil): Brazil Swimming Federation administrator and FINA TOWSC member
15. Coco Emberson (USA): Co-Race Director of the Maui Channel Swim
16. Dara Flowers-Burke (Cayman Island): Host and promoter of the Flowers Sea Swim
17. Dee Llewellyn (England): British Long Distance Swimming Association administrator and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame director
18. Deanne Draeger (USA): Founder of Urban Swim and the race director of the Rose Pitonof Swim
19. Diana Nyad (USA): Author, motivational speaker, television commentator, and extreme swimmer
20. Elaine Howley (USA): Writer, columnist, promoter, organizer, ice swimmer
21. Elizabeth Fry (USA): Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and Swim Across The Sound race director
22. Elizabeth Weil (USA): New York Times reporter interested in open water swimming
23. Eney Jones (USA): Inventor, coach, speaker and commentator
24. Erica Rose (USA): Former world champion and USA Swimming committee member
25. Esther Williams (USA): Aquamusical star, swimming icon and entrepreneur
26. Freda Streeter (England): Coach and English Channel motivator
27. Grace van der Byl (USA): Observer, coach, swimmer
28. Greta Andersen (USA/Denmark): Olympic champion, swimming icon and coach
29. Irene van der Laan (Netherlands): Director of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
30. Dr. Jacinta Galeai (American Samoa): Director of Education authorized ocean swimming curriculum for high school students
31. Jackie Cobell (England): English Channel swimmer
32. Jacqueline Grossman (USA): Race director of USA Swimming sanctioned open water swims
33. Jane Katz, Ph.D. (USA): Author, professor, coach and speaker
34. Janel Jorgensen (USA): Olympic medalist and Executive Director of Swim Across America
35. Jen Schumacher (USA): Sports Psychologist and endurance athlete
36. Joan Metcalfe (England): Director of the Channel Swimming Association
37. Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE (England): Coach, motivational speaker and Secretary of the Channel Swimming Association
38. June Krauser (USA): Selection Committee Chair of the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame
39. Kaia Hedlund (USA): President of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim Committee
40. Karah Nazor Friberg, Ph.D. (USA): English Channel swimmer and race director of Swim The Suck
41. Karen Burton Reeder (USA): International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee and open water swimming website creator
42. Karen Smidt-Allard (USA): Founder & CEO of SBR Sports and aquapreneur of swimming products
43. Karen Throsby (England): Sociologist and English Channel researcher/swimmer
44. Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen (USA): Coach, author and motivational speaker
45. Kate Rew (England): Author of Wild Swim, TV personality and Outdoor Swimming Society founder
46. Keri-Anne Payne (England): Olympic 10K Marathon Swim silver medalist
47. Laura Hamel (USA): Editor-in-Chief, SWIMMER Magazine
48. Leslie Thomas (USA): Founder and head coach of Swim Art of San Francisco Bay
49. Liane Llewellyn (England): President Elect, British Long Distance Swimming Association and marathon swimmer
50. Luane Rowe (Australia): Athlete and industrial designer at FINIS
51. Lynn Blouin (Canada): Board Director of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
52. Lynne Cox (USA): Author, speaker, extreme swimmer and inspiration
53. Lynn Hazlewood (USA): U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Committee Chairperson and co-founder of the Jim McDonnell Lake Swims
54. Maddy Crippen (USA): Administrator of the Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation
55. Marcia Cleveland (USA): Author of Dover Solo and coach
56. Dr. Marcy MacDonald (USA): Member of the board of directors of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and 12-time English Channel swimmer
57. Dr. Margo Mountjoy (Canada): FINA Bureau Liaison to Sports Medicine Committee, only female member of the FINA Bureau and International Olympic Committee member
58. Marianna Lymperta (Greece): 3-time Olympian and Olympic 10K Marathon Swimmer
59. Martina Grimaldi (Italy): World champion and Olympic 10K Marathon Swimer
60. Megan Melgaard (USA): Swimmer, coach and stunt woman
61. Melissa Cunningham (Australia): Promoter, coach, inspirational speaker
62. Melissa Gorman (Australia): 2-time Olympian and Olympic 10K Marathon Swimmer
63. Michelle Evans-Chase (USA): Grant writer and Toa o le Tai ocean swimming curriculum specialist
64. Michelle Macy (USA): Oceans Seven channel swimmer and creator of the Still Water Eight
65. Montserrat Tresserras Dou (Spain): Author and board director of the Channel Swimming Association and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
66. Nadine Day (USA): President of U.S. Masters Swimming
67. Natalie du Toit (South Africa): Olympic athlete, author and inspirational athlete
68. Natalya Pankina (Russia/UAE): Administrator with the United Arab Emirates Swimming Federation
69. Nora Toledano (Mexico): Author, marathon swimmer and Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee
70. Nuala Moore (Ireland): Coach and extreme swimmer
71. Pamela Dickson (New Zealand): Marathon and channel swimmer
72. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA): Marathon and channel swimmer
73. Patti Bauernfeind (USA): Marathon swimmer who does charity swims
74. Paula Selby (USA): Catalina Channel Swimming Federation administrator
75. Penny Dean (USA): Author, coach and Hall of Fame inductee
76. Penny Palfrey (Australia): Extreme swimmer and blogger
77. Pilar Geijo (Argentina): Professional marathon swimmer and 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year
78. Poliana Okimoto (Brazil): 2-time Olympic 10K Marathon Swimmer
79. Qingzhu Cao (China): China Swimming Association administrator responsible for open water swimming and FINA official
80. Dr. Sakura Hingley (England): Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming member, hypothermia researcher and committee member of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
81. Sally Minty-Gravett (Jersey): President of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club
82. Sandy Neilson-Bell (USA): Co-race director of the open water swims sanctioned by the American Swimming Association
83. Sarah Warwick (England): Deputy Editor at H2Open Magazine and freelance writer
84. Sarah Wheeler (Hong Kong): Editor In Chief for TriMag Asia
85. Selina Moreno Pasagali (Spain): Marathon swimmer and cancer survivor and advocate
86. Shane Gould MBE (Australia): Race director of the Devil of a Swim in Tasmania, Australia, 5-time Olympic medalist and Foundation director
87. Shelley Taylor-Smith (Australia): Author, speaker, coach, FINA administrator/referee and Hall of Fame inductee
88. Siga Rose (USA): Channel swimming coach and age-group swimming coach and motivator
89. Silvia Dalotto (Argentina): South America Area President of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and FINA official
90. Stacey Herbertson (Australia): Executive Officer and Event Manager of the Rottnest Channel Swim
91. Sue Oldham (Australia): Marathon and channel swimmer
92. Dr. Susan Ractliffe (England): Director of the Channel Swimming Association
93. Suzanne Heim-Bowen (USA): Coach, administrator, marathon swimmer
94. Swann Oberson (Switzerland): 2-time Olympian, first Swiss world champion and Olympic 10K Marathon Swimmer
95. Tammy van Wisse (Australia): Marathon swimmer, motivational speaker and environmental campaigner
96. Tanya Harding (England): Committee member of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
97. Teruko Onuki (Japan): Author of 7 open water swimming books after 2 English Channel swims
98. Vicki Keith (Canada): Coach, fund-raiser, motivational speaker and extreme butterflyer
99. Wendy Coles (England): British Swimming administrator
100. Yanqiao Fang (China): Professional marathon swimmer and Olympian
101. Yuko Matsuzaki (Japan): Asia President of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association Coordinator

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