100 Days of Blue

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KAATSU Aqua]]KAATSU Aqua]]noun - 100 Days of Blue is a period of between the first and 100th day of summer that was initially developed as a catalyst to the launch of the book, 100 Days of Blue by Wallace J. Nichols, and its message and theme is carried on and by the Blue Mind Collective.

Water lovers around the world are asked to get near, in, on, or under water and to bring someone along. They then share their stories - in words, photos, videos - and post them in a wide variety of social media outlets. The results are a stunning compilation of people enjoying the world's most precious resource and connecting water lovers around the globe.

The Blue Mind Collective[edit]

The Blue Mind Collective or the Blue Mind is an initiative that links ocean exploration, restoration and water conservation with neuroscience. This involves an annual summit, smaller gatherings, workshops and training, research collaborations and communications campaigns. The Blue Mind Collective represents those that have contributed their research, experiences and voices to exploring and delivering the Blue Mind message across the globe.


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