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International Ice Swimming Association-ratified Ice Mile in 25 minutes 12 seconds in the 4°C water of Rivers Landing Lake near the Ohio River in Prospect, Kentucky that is close to where he completed Ironman Louisville on 11 October 2015 in 14 hours 28 minutes 33 seconds. Mary Stella Stabinsky took photo of Rouch at the 2019 Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival where he won 3 events]] Van Cornwell, Scott Schroeder, Paul Towers and Devon Clifford on Molokai before the 2018 Au I Na Mokupuni Ekolu Endurance Challenge Invitational in Hawaii]] WOWSA Awards, an annual recognition of outstanding men, women, performances and offerings around the globe sponsored by the World Open Water Swimming Association]] Stephen Rouch is a 42-year-old American open water swimmer, Iron Iceman, Ice Miler, Ironman triathlete, and a software developer from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Open Water Swimming Highlights[edit]

2017 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nominees[edit]

Stephen Rouch's marathon swims were nominated for the 2017 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association:

1. Barbados Open Water Swimming Festival with Kristina Evelyn & Zary Evelyn (Barbados)
2. Khitindra Chandra Baishya (Bangladesh)
3. Sven Eckardt (Germany)
4. India National Open Long Distance Swimming Championship Escort Rowers (India)
5. Margarita Llorens Bagur (Spain)
6. Igor Lukin (Russia)
7. Madswimmer by Jean Craven (South Africa)
8. Marc-Antoine Olivier (France)
9. Stephen Rouch (USA)
10. Jason Snell (Great Britain)
11. Christof Wandratsch (Germany)
12. Wild Swimming Brothers (Great Britain)

2017 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nomination[edit]

Stephen Rouch started his 2017 season extremely strong, finishing first overall in the S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge in Arizona completing the 13.3 km, 14.1 km, 22.8 km and 9 km lake crossings in 16 hours 48 minutes in defending his 2016 title at the 4-day stage swim in Arizona. The 37-year-old software developer then became the fastest man in history to complete all 7 stages of the 193 km 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim in a cumulative time of 35 hours 28 minutes. He also tied for 2nd overall at the Swim The Suck in Tennessee in 3 hours 30 minutes, completed the 14.8 Chattanooga Swim Fest in Tennessee, won the men’s division at the 25 km Border Buster cross-border swim in Quebec/Vermont, completed the 10 km Swim to the Moon in Michigan, and culminated his season setting a new course record in the 30 km Three Rivers Marathon Swim in Pennsylvania with John Humenik. For his year-round focus on training and traveling to marathon swims around the United States, for his 16 successes in his 16 attempts, for his encouragement and support of his fellow swimmers with a core essence of humility and kindness, Stephen Rouch’s year-round marathon performance is a worthy nominee for the 2017 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

Marathon Swim Stories[edit]

He appeared with Shannon House Keegan on Marathon Swim Stories.

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