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In 2009, Wigo self-published the book The Golden Age of Swimming: A Picture History of the Sport & Pools That Changed America. The book chronicles the pastime's beginnings in ancient Rome, through the Victorian and into the 20th century. Its artwork comes from a collection of photographs, postcards, news clippings and other history sources, painstakingly assembled by Wigo. The Golden Age of Swimming also deals with the sport's darker past, such as racial discrimination when large public pools first became popular.


His oldest son, Wolf, is a three-time Olympic water polo player and currently the head water polo coach at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Daughter Lauren is the corporate yoga instructor for Allen & Company in New York City and his two younger sons, identical twins Drac and Janson, are NCAA All-American water polo players at Stanford University.


Wigo has also created the Swim Safety Device, a personal safety flotation device used by the open water swimming and triathlon markets. He also wrote and published the book, The Golden Age of Swimming, a pictorial history of the sport and pools that changed America.

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Wigo was the former CEO of USA Water Polo and was inducted in the 36th Class of the USA Water Polo Hall of Fame.

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